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“Break the chains of class
Cross the borders of society
Respect one and all”

– Anonymous

If one were to choose one aspect of India that could be vastly improved on it would be the opportunity for young Indians to have access to an active outlet for them to come together, experience teamwork, learn how to respect one another, practice patience and discipline; all of which can be found in sports. Sport is integral to the development of any major city such as Ahmedabad because it satisfies one’s passion and drive to reach new heights while allowing that person to prepare for life’s challenges in a structured manner. The unique feature of Ultimate is the ‘Spirit of the Game’ which means that the employment of an umpire/referee is not necessary; this remarkable aspect means that the two teams discuss any ambiguous play right there on the pitch, even at international level, by freezing the game and through this they strive to respect each other.


AU helps to develop players, coaches and teams, on and off the field, in a variety of ways:

  • We train coaches who are youths of Ahmedabad from various backgrounds and encourages an engaging, informative and responsible approach to teaching.
    • They must be self-sufficient, confident, passionate about Ultimate and dedicated to teaching others like themselves
    • The coaches will be encouraged to keep a written journal of their experiences with the intention of recording their evolvement over the 1 year time span
    • They should reach a good level before they can coach others
    • They should show good discipline e.g. punctuality, commitment, respect
    • They must show commitment to academic studies / service work at Manav Sadna
  • We send  these coaches to sites all over Ahmedabad to coach youth Ultimate teams.
    • As stated above, the coaches should be passionate about the game to pass on the idealisms of Ultimate
    • The coaches should create passion, interest and drive the youths to get involved in their schools’ Ultimate team while emphasising that good academic performance can be maintained
    • AU provides discs, t-shirts, cones, scoreboards, kitbags, and first aid kits.
    • The coaches will be paid to sacrifice their free time: approx. Rs.100 per practice session
  • We invite players to regular open practices; in this way all youths, and others alike, from various backgrounds can converge on the playing field
    • It is here where they will learn advanced Ultimate skills and set-plays to further their interest and passion
    • They will be encouraged to push themselves harder and longer than their typical youth practices
    • They will purposely be mixed up during drills, stretches and games so that integration is achieved quickly
  • We are establishing a league system for youth teams.
  • We are establishing college leagues, eventually leading to a college league.
    • These teams will eventually form the core of the sport in the city.
    • Youth players will aspire to play for these teams.
    • The creation of new, older, teams brings the potential for many new youth coaches.