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Ahmedabad Ultimate (AU)’s fifteen-day summer camp concluded with tournament on 23 May 2010. The Summer Camp aimed to introduce Ahmedabad school students to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. AU held summer camps at three different schools, Anand Niketan (Satellite), Samvedna (Vadaj) and Saraswti Vidhyalaya (Saraspur). AU summer intern and coach Chetan Padia says, “It was amazing to see how quickly everyone took a liking towards the game.”

In addition to daily practices each morning, the summer camp featured weekend movies, and street play activities to promote interaction between the schools. Samvedna hosted a weekend movie screening of Kung Fu Panda, with a lively discussion about the “power of believing in yourself” and “staying focused on your dream” afterwards. Raksha Joshi, a fellow with AU shares, “It was really heartwarming to see children, who were strangers a week before and from markedly different backgrounds, interact with each other so freely.” The following weekend, Anand Niketan hosted the final tournament, followed by an award ceremony.

The camps were motivating for camp participants and volunteer coaches alike. Swati Joshi, a student of Anand Niketan, says, “The sport of Ultimate Frisbee is very exciting.  I have started to attend the coaches meeting and I am looking forward to get more involved with AU.”

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