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Passion rules
NRG Jaideep Patel quits job to promote frisbee in the city

By Abhishek Singh
Posted On Monday, April 13, 2009

A 25-year-old non-resident Gujarati (NRG) engineer has undertaken a Herculean task. Quitting job, he has decided to promote an unknown game of Frisbee aka Ultimate in Ahmedabad.

Meet Jaideep Patel, a passionate Frisbee fan. In a country like India, where cricket enjoys the top priority among sports fans, Jaideep’s move is a courageous act for sure.

After playing Ultimate for his college team in London for two years, Jaideep took up a job in Angola (West Africa), but he was still passionate about Frisbee.

Courageous decision
His passion motivated him to take a decision, which many of us would have never dared. He quit his job in Angola and started working for the development of Ultimate. Now, he has landed in our city and started an organisation (read body), Ahmedabad Ultimate, with three other people for promoting Frisbee here.

“Our prime objective is to create awareness among people about the game. Ultimate is not meant only for kids but is a serious sport. We have taken the first step in promoting the game and hope things fall into place,” said Jaideep, the project manager of Ahmedabad Ultimate.

Amdavadis open to new things
On why did he choose Ahmedabad to promote the game, Jaideep said: “This city has a colourful past and people over here are open to new things. And I being a Gujarati, I wanted to do something for my state.”

“We intend to start a youth league in Ahmedabad and for that we are getting three volunteers from United States of America, who will help us in teaching the game to few selected people. These people will then coach young kids in Ahmedabad,” he said.

Once the youth league in Ahmedabad is a success, Jaideep wants to start a national league something similar to the Indian Premier League (IPL).

“Our long-term goal is to start our own national league with teams from all over India. We know we have a tough road ahead and we are ready for it,” said Jaideep.

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